Patronus Rescue International Ltd

Quality training and health care

Primarily we are a provider of aeromedical and remote medical support, to provide high quality health care to clients in parts of the world where such access is limited or unavailable by other means.
However we do not limit ourselves to just that. With many years of experience to call upon we realise that much is talked about the importance of the care in the first “Golden Hour” following injury, and inevitably that is likely to involve the patient themselves and their colleagues. Understanding what needs to be achieved can be critical to saving life, preventing deterioration and promoting healing. That is why we are also a provider of training in health and trauma care. With our training and support from our dedicated medics you will receive the optimum components that meet your personal needs.
If the courses we offer regularly do not meet your individual situation contact us. We can personalise training just for you.


What we stand for

Giving you Confidence


Whether you are on a training course, or contracting one of our medics to provide you with health care, you need to feel confident that you are equipped to cope with the challenges a medical emergency can cause. Patrons Rescue International prides itself in empowering it's students and ensuring it's medics are able to "walk the walk"

Demonstrating Quality


When someone's health, or even their life is at stake you cannot compromise on quality. Both training courses and clinical care need to be appropriate to the environment. Quality is not always found in  the  gadget with the most flashing lights, it is the feeling at the end of the day that you have really gained from what we have provided to you.

Latest techniques


Medical  techniques go in and out of vogue. New procedures are tried, and then  modified according to outcome. Training has to reflect these concepts  but also needs to explain and justify the reasons for these changes. At  Patronus Rescue International we take pride in teaching, not only how,  but also the why behind what we do

Holistic care


When  you are ill or injured, it is not just the wound that needs help. There  are significant effects on your life which if not addressed will cause  stress and delay recovery. Patronus Rescue International believes you do  not just treat the "hole in the patient" but you care for the "whole of  the patient"

Meeting your needs


Both  your training and your health care needs can vary according to  geography, climate, available services and civil unrest. Whether it is  high altitude climbing or cave diving our Company will tailor it's  services to your needs

There when you need us


Whether  it's through our training, our remote medics or our aeromedical  response. The mission of Patronus Rescue International is to be there  when you need us.


Chief Executive - John Spence

Following an extensive military career in many parts of the world including Iraq and Afghanistan, John specialised in remote area medicine, providing medical support to the crew of survey ships and support vessels. He is a qualified instructor for many organisations teaching first-aid and pre-hospital medical care. He has experience as a first responder for the Ambulance Service in the UK and is also a Diver Medic and PADI Instructor. He has an Honours degree in Health Sciences and is an ambassador for the Open University


Vic Calland OStJ, FIMC RCSEd, MRCGP, DRCOG - Medical Adviser

Vic Calland retired from medical practice after twenty years of working for the Ambulance Service attending incidents that required a doctor on scene. He has been to numerous major incidents in the North West of England, he has written a book on Safety for Paramedics and Immediate Care doctors and has lectured internationally on the rescue of the bariatric patient from buildings and vehicles. 

Theoretically retired he has formed a community defibrillator programme in his local community in Spain and is still teaching vehicle extrication internationally.


Internal Quality Assurance & GRDP Officer - Diane Richards

Diane has spent many years as the principal First Aider in schools whilst teaching and then as a tutor / trainer in the community for over 16's education. In various community venues the trainer is the only First Aider present, with only the themselves and the learners in the venue.

Diane started in First Aid originally as a young adult member of the Red Cross in Australia, attending many outdoor events. Later, as a Boys Brigade Officer, Girls Brigade Captain and Brown Owl, Diane assisted in running First Aid courses to equip the young people with knowledge for the home and community. 

As an educator holding a PGCE Diploma, Diane is a qualified Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer. She has joined the Team at Patronus Rescue International as an IQA for the First Aid courses that the company runs and oversees the General Data Regulation Protection compliance.